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Why Post-Mix?

Currently using bottles and/or cans?


Reduced cost per serve = increased margins and profit

Reduced wastage due to non-carbonated product

Reduced wastage due to non-spillage product

12 month shelf life allows slower moving flavours to be value on the gun

Increased ‘pour rate’ = more drinks served for quicker and higher capacity turnover

Ellimination of fridge storage requirement and restocking = space and convenience (especially in fast pace environments)

Thirstee’s quality postmix systems are always cold and ready to pour, with no fuss

what can you buy?

Our Product Range

World Renowned Brands

Choose famous brands including Pepsi & Tango

Thirstee's Own Price Brand

Choose our own great tasting price beating alternatives. You won't know the difference in the taste.

Juices, Sugar Free & Cordials

It's not just fizzy drinks, Thirstee have products across the drinks range.

Carrying one of the largest ranges of soft drink flavours available in the UK, Thirstee are able to supply exactly to your venue’s requirements, with up to 10 flavours on tap at one time…

Thirstee for equipment...

We make it easy, with a no-hassle approach…

We Provide...

You Provide...

Complete peace of mind...

We offer completely FREE maintenance and servicing… 

24/7 Maintenance

In the unlikely event of you having an issue we provide a full, free of charge, maintenance service – operating in 99% of cases a ‘one visit fix’

regular servicing

We give your Thirstee system a check every time we call to make sure everything is working perfectly.


We provide regular calls to check our service, stock levels and everything is running ok. We can even fix an issue over the phone before you even know there is one.

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